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plastic injection molding in mexico facilities February 7, 2024
Key Benefits of Kitting and Assembly in Contract Manufacturing in Mexico

Mexico has become a top destination for contract manufacturing services over the past few decades. Due to Mexico’s various advantages, an increasing number of companies across industries are leveraging contract manufacturers (CMs) in Mexico for their production needs. Contract manufacturing refers to hiring an external manufacturer to produce components, products, or services based on the […]

A metal molding device with a plastic mold placed on top of the machine. December 13, 2023
The Science of Plastic Injection Molding: Understanding the Process from Start to Finish

Injection molding is a common manufacturing process used across industries to produce a wide range of plastic parts and products. The process involves injecting molten plastic material, typically a thermoplastic polymer, into a mold cavity, where it cools and hardens into the final part shape. As plastics have become fundamental engineering materials across sectors like […]