About Us


At KS Group, we provide innovative solutions with a balance of providing low cost, with the highest quality standards allowing us to consistently exceed our customers' expectations. Through hard work and dedication, we endeavor to become each customer’s #1 supplier from design through delivery.

Our MOS division brings an added expertise to the Healthcare industry for your molding and assembly requirements supported by a wealth of dedicated staff members.

Medical device tubing set with various applications

 KS and MOS bring our core values to every project:

  • Extensive technical expertise in design, materials, tooling, molding and assembly
  • A 99% on-time delivery rating
  • Accessibility and responsiveness: we’re here when you need something done NOW
  • Tight-tolerance tooling: in-house as well as quality domestic and off-shore partners
  • A “Zero Rejects” quality standard

 And you can count on us for:

  • The best quality injection molded parts available anywhere
  • A problem-solving mindset to find creative solutions to your manufacturing needs
  • A broad range of machine capabilities. 
  • Tangible savings, which will keep your projects under-budget
  • A wide range of secondary services to include but not limited to: pad printing, ultrasonic welding and packaging. 


High-precision custom injection molding and assembly along with our turnkey services enable our customers to get their products to market quickly, with confidence.

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