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We specialize in making the impossible possible. When a San Francisco startup came to us with an idea to manufacture green toys out of post-consumer plastic, every other plastics house had told them it couldn’t be done. Fractionals such as post-consumer plastics are notoriously difficult to work with—a lot of molding companies won’t even try it. We figured out how to make a near-impossible resin work for their product and also developed a way to color it with a poly 1 resin. We also tapped our global partnerships to hit their very modest tooling budget and deliver exactly what they wanted at a great price. Before you listen to those who say it can’t be done, come talk to us.

plastic beads in bag

Protecting the Planet

Strong, yet lightweight, high in durability, low in cost, plastic is extremely popular for lots of reasons. We’re taking steps to reduce the environmental impact by helping companies use different kinds of sustainable plastic and produce greener products for happier customers and a healthier planet.

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