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An all-encompassing library that contains all of the produced video and photo content for the KS Group

MOS Plastics Photography

small electrical subassembly using varying wavelengths of light to detect specific indicators of disease. 5ml vials and associated caps produced by MOS Plastics in their San Jose facility.

tight tolerance fluidic devices produced by MOS Plastics in San Jose  a diagnostic device used to measure genetic material.

single shot fluidic device with a living hinge this is a subassembly for a blood collection device broken down piece by piece

 tight tolerance fluidic device used to track the flow of materials in a laboratory setting.

plastic injection molding diagnostic device plastic injection molding for medical device  a medical device assembly used in applying medicine into the eyeautomated overmolding of encrypted security chipsTransparent plastic







KS Manufacturing Photography

Pentair check valve CPVC Backwash valve Jandy Diatomaceous Filter produced by KS manufacturing in Tijuana, Mexico.2 in 1 backwash valve produced by KS Manufacturing for Jandy  Jandy AquaPure cell kit     Truclear water chlorinator Jandy slide valve kit Jandy stealth pump Jandy port space saver valve

MOS Plastics Videography


MOS Plastics Facility Tour Video

Come take a look inside the 55,000 square foot facility of MOS Plastics in San Jose, California.




State of the art vision system used to line up thin cannulas for precision insert molding.




a blood collection device, hand assembled in San Jose, California.



Over molded security chips for high-level encryption of personal tech devices.






KS Manufacturing Videography


KS Manufacturing Tijuana Facility Video




KS Tijuana Facility workers assembling pool pump components.
The assembly of check valves, used in commercial and personal pool systems. Assembled in Tijuana, Mexico at the KS Manufacturing Tijuana facility.



One of the high tonnage presses, producing a fiberglass filled pool pump housing meant to withstand the immense water pressure that a pool pump is subjected to.