Precision Tooling


Precision tooling requires design integrity, quality processes, advanced technology, and a zero-defects culture. From the earliest stages of part design, our highly skilled engineers and toolmakers are engaged with your product team to ensure a seamless transition from prototype to production tooling. This attention to detail from the inception ensures faster development times, and projects that are optimized for the highest yields.

  • Face-to-face part design consultation with your design engineers in our tooling design center nurtures collaboration
  • Moldflow analysis mitigates risks
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM) helps to ensure tooling and manufacturing success throughout the product lifecycle
  • We offer both domestic and overseas toolmaking to address your quality, budget, and lead-time objectives
  • Our facilities offer fully staffed and equipped toolrooms to perform scheduled maintenance to minimize downtime
  • Scheduled tooling maintenance minimize downtime
  • Our toolrooms support design modifications throughout the life of the mold

a pipette tip tool mold

Where Your Innovations Come to Life

The best and most creative innovations and products deserve the best toolmaking facilities, along with experts committed to seeing your project through completion. Our state-of-the-art toolrooms are thoroughly equipped and expertly staffed to support your injection molding projects throughout the entire program lifecycle. After design consultation and tool build, our team continues to stay engaged, offering rapid repairs, and modification, plus regularly scheduled maintenance. Our tooling solutions provide your organization with the lowest possible total cost of ownership for the lifetime of the mold.

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