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As an industry-leading plastic injection molding company, MOS Plastics is a valued solution partner for clients seeking innovation and expertise in product development and manufacturing.

For over 50 years, we have provided specialized contract manufacturing service that enable businesses to successfully achieve their goals and bring products to market efficiently and cost-effectively.

A Manufacturing Partner You Can Trust

With a commitment to understanding unique client challenges, our passionate engineers and manufacturing experts devote the full weight of their technical skills and resources to tackling complex injection molding projects.

We collaborate closely throughout the entire product lifecycle, offering hands-on support in areas ranging from rapid prototyping to delivering finished goods. This solutions-focused approach allows us to deliver parts and products consistently, on time, and to exact specifications.

As your trustworthy manufacturing partner, MOS Plastics leverages decades of injection molding experience and the latest advanced equipment to ensure precision, quality, and value for every contract. Whether assisting in early-stage R&D, refining products for full-scale production or managing volume manufacturing and assembly, we strive to simplify the manufacturing process so you can focus fully on sales and business growth.

Our proven abilities serving highly regulated industries position us well to manufacture your plastic components or finished medical devices, electronic enclosures, consumer goods, automotive parts, and various industrial applications.


What is Contract Manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing refers to an arrangement in which a company outsources some or all of its manufacturing to a third-party partner.

The contract manufacturer is then responsible for producing components, products, or complete goods based on the hiring company’s specifications.

Companies partner with contract manufacturers in the plastic injection molding industry to:

  • handle mold design and fabrication
  • sourcing plastic resin materials
  • setting up production lines
  • quality control, final assembly
  • packaging, and shipping.


Rather than bearing the high costs of owning and operating specialized injection molding equipment in-house, companies can leverage an experienced contract manufacturer’s assets and expertise. This setup also allows the focus of internal resources on core competencies rather than manufacturing processes.

However, the benefits of contract manufacturing rely heavily on choosing the right partner.

A failed relationship can lead to:

  • defective parts
  • production delays
  • loss of intellectual property
  • substantial revenue impacts.

An experienced, specialized provider who deeply understands injection molding processes can optimize quality, costs, and time-to-market.

The ideal partner goes beyond just meeting product requirements–they provide product design for manufacturability guidance, production expertise, and capacity scaling to truly drive program success.

Advantages of Choosing an Experienced Partner for Contract Manufacturing

Selecting an established, capable partner for contract manufacturing injects critical experience and expertise into your project–providing major advantages compared to internal handling or trusting an unproven contractor.

The production knowledge and problem-solving insight gained from years in the field facilitate everything from rapid prototyping to delivering full-scale production runs in the specification, on time, and on budget. Beyond pure manufacturing execution, an experienced collaborator contributes strategic insight that enhances quality, efficiency, and speed to market.

Quality Assurance

Partnering with a proven contract manufacturer that upholds rigorous quality standards ensures that all produced components and products consistently meet specifications. Their validation processes, testing capabilities, measuring equipment, and quality control personnel will align with ISO standards and industry best practices.

This prevents defects, lowers scrap rates, and avoids returns while appropriately meeting regulatory requirements. A contract manufacturer’s expertise also identifies opportunities to improve manufacturability.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

An established contract manufacturer has invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment engineered for optimization and volume production. Leveraging these assets eliminates the costs of in-house acquiring, maintaining, and operating specialized machinery.

The contractor’s economies of scale, trained personnel, streamlined processes, and account history with raw material suppliers also control expenses–all benefits are passed through via very competitive pricing for clients.


Risk Mitigation and Regulatory Expertise

Reputable injection molding partners deeply understand the regulatory requirements and controls demanded by the FDA, NHTSA, EPA, and other governing bodies. Strict adherence prevents violations and minimizes compliance risks that could expose clients to substantial liability issues.

For highly technical or regulated applications, their engineering mastery and documentation also reduce errors that lead to defects and project delays. Overall, a contract manufacturer’s experience manages unknowns and variability.

Collaborative Product Development

Beyond production, seasoned contract manufacturers engage collaboratively during product conception, design refinement, and testing. Early involvement allows them to maximize efficiency, reduce downstream issues, and even build quality enhancements into the product itself. Through close partnership focused on shared objectives, the combined strengths of the client innovator and contracted manufacturer yield better outcomes.

When vetting a contract manufacturer, companies should evaluate the following:

  • industry experience
  • range of in-house capabilities
  • expertise with various resins
  • secondary processes
  • quality certifications
  • production capacity
  • Scalability
  • cultural fit.

Taking the time upfront to qualify suppliers allows for developing a strategic, long-term partnership that fuels growth for both parties. Partnering with the right contract manufacturer provides tremendous advantages for companies looking to develop and launch innovative plastic products.


Our Range of Contract Manufacturing Services

At MOS Plastics, we offer comprehensive services to support clients across the entire product lifecycle–from early-stage development to full-scale production. Our in-house capabilities allow us to provide customized solutions tailored to each project’s unique requirements.


With these vertically integrated services, MOS Plastics provides complete oversight and responsibility for taking client products from concept inception through mass production and distribution. Our solutions are tailored around each customer’s specific contract manufacturing needs.

The Benefits of Contract Manufacturing

Partnering with an established contract manufacturer provides transformational advantages when seeking to develop, produce, and commercialize products made from injection-molded plastic components. Rather than bearing the full fixed costs of internal molding operations, companies can leverage a specialized partner’s economies of scale, technical expertise, capital equipment, and production flexibility to yield higher quality outcomes, lower total risk, and faster time to market.

Cost savings through economies of scale

Because contract manufacturers serve multiple customers simultaneously across various industries, they operate an extremely efficient cost model that would be impossible to replicate internally. Their high-volume production activities, established supply chain relationships, and purchasing power directly translate into reduced per-unit client pricing.

Outsourcing to these specialized providers also eliminates expenses associated with acquiring, staffing, maintaining, and upgrading capital equipment.

Access to advanced equipment and technology

Leading contract manufacturing partners invest heavily in the most sophisticated injection molding machinery, metrology and testing technology, automation, and operational software.

Smaller enterprises could never justify purchasing these high-value assets independently. Outsourcing production allows leveraging the contractor’s expertise and infrastructure while focusing internal personnel on critical design and innovation efforts rather than manufacturing processes.


Faster time-to-market

Bringing a product from concept to full launch involves numerous steps, from prototyping to refinement, testing, regulatory approvals, production planning, quality assurance preparations, and actual manufacturing.

Experienced contract manufacturers have project management and technical personnel well-versed in navigating this complexity. Their turnkey services and project leadership shepherd products to market far faster than attempting the same independently.

Risk mitigation and scalability

An established contract manufacturer also reduces execution risk, protects intellectual property, and allows flexible responses to changes in market demand. Their personnel, documentation, operating procedures, layered inspection processes, and supply chain provide stability – while their capacity to quickly scale production up or down cost-effectively adapts as needs evolve. The combination fosters success from early R&D through growth phases.


Why Choose MOS Plastics Inc. for Contract Manufacturing Services

With over 50 years of experience focused exclusively on injection molding, MOS Plastics offers unparalleled specialized plastic component manufacturing expertise. Our experience spans industries from medical devices to automotive, consumer products, electronics enclosures, and custom industrial applications. We have demonstrated capabilities supporting parts and products for highly demanding and regulated environments.

Respected Industry Leader

Beyond sheer production numbers, we have earned industry-wide respect by consistently delivering quality, value, and service that enables customer growth and success. Our collaborative approach during product development allows for matching unique customer challenges with tailored solutions that optimize manufacturability, quality, and speed to market. We view every customer relationship as a long-term partnership.

The MOS Plastics name is synonymous with honesty, integrity, and standing firmly behind our work–ideals that translate directly into confidence and peace of mind throughout contract engagements. Discover why leading global enterprises continue to trust us year after year as a flexible, formidable extension of their own teams.

Your Trusted Partner in Contract Manufacturing

For a free consultation about your product development and contract manufacturing needs, please contact us today. Connect with our team to stay updated on the latest technology and process developments in our industry. We look forward to potentially partnering together and providing manufacturing service on your company’s next project!

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