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Speed to market is key for succeeding in the ultra-competitive electronics industry, and that means parts and products need to be designed and manufactured quickly while meeting precise performance expectations. From computer chips to the batteries in black boxes on airplanes, our MOS Plastics division has an extensive background in building tools for OEMs in the electronics industry.

With an innovation lab located right in the heart of Silicon Valley, delivering seamless design and manufacturing processes by a highly experienced technical team, we’re at the forefront of electronics innovation.

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Zero Defect Injection Molded Electronics

Boeing was using an offshore supplier to manufacture backup batteries for their black boxes. The batteries had to be perfectly sealed, perfectly watertight. But the supplier had 75-percent defects rate—they were tossing almost everything they made—extremely expensive for Boeing.

Boeing came to us to see what we could do. We quickly determined that their ultrasonic welding horn was the problem. We used a custom flat horn for ultrasonic welding, which solved the problem. In less than three days we were up and running, delivering zero defects.

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